Arizona Wedding Planner - Whitney


Whitney began her career in event planning at CBS Sports in 2007. She later became an event consultant for Athlete’s Management Professionals. Whitney partnered with Amina at Some Like It Classic – Wedding Design in 2010 and since has been a major leader and voice in the wedding industry and community. Recently she was invited to plan one of the biggest industry events of the year for the Wedding Industry Professional Association, then after join as part of the executive board.

Co-owner, Designer


Starbucks order?
This changes depending on the time of year but a hot Almondmilk Chia Tea Latte is a year round go-to for sure! 

Favorite Disney princess?
How can I choose?! All the classics are so amazing but I’m going to go with Jasmine because I think we could be sisters.

Where do you like to shop?
Kate Spade, of course.

What is the best part about weddings?
I love seeing all the design elements come together but on a personal note seeing my couple dancing with all their friends and family at the end of the night is the best. I know what it feels like from my wedding day with my friends and family dancing with us and it brings me such joy knowing my couple is going to have those memories too! 

What would we find on your desk?
I think what is not on my desk is an easier question but... always a million colorful pens and fine tip colorful sharpies, my Simplified Planner open to the day, a notepad or five, a water bottle (because this is Arizona people!), my laptop and I think my phone is around here somewhere. 

Secret talent?
I can fold a fitted sheet! (Thanks mom!) And I can wrap a gift so beautifully you won’t want to open it! But you should because it’s probably something from Kate Spade.