Noelle is dubbed as the most fashionable girl in the Some Like it Classic office. She began working in the event industry at Aramark Higher Education, but her primary background is in marketing. She uses this experience to help her clients save the most money they possibly can while delivering the most gorgeous looks possible. Noelle also worked in design and  marketing for a top retail and online e-commerce company called Future Brands where she designed spaces for their retail stores. With a passion for design, she found Some Like it Classic, and we knew with her experience and incredible resume, we had to make her a teammate. We are lucky she found us!

Wedding Coordinator


Starbucks order?

Dirty chai tea latte

Favorite Disney princess?

Where do you like to shop?

What is the best part about weddings?
I love it when the bride and groom see the reception for the first time

What would we find on your desk?
A lavender candle, a pink coffee cup, and Kiehl's hand lotion.

Secret talent?  
I make the best snickerdoodle cookies