Arizona Wedding Planner - Stephanie


Krysta was born in California and moved to Phoenix in high school, a lover of all things warm and sunny, she has never looked back. After falling in love with the planning process during her own wedding, Krysta immersed herself in all things Arizona wedding and colors, colors, colors. Krysta’s background before weddings has been in providing therapy to at risk children and families here in the valley with this unique combination of devoted wedding coordinator and therapist having Krysta by your side for your spectacular celebration means you are sure to feel totally calm and collected, not only on wedding day, but throughout your whole planning process. Navigating large families and emotion filled celebrations is not only Krysta’s passion but privilege when it comes to wedding wishes. She’ll be sure to help you design fun ways to incorporate sentimental value that everyone will love on your big day.

Wedding Designer &  Coordinator


Starbucks order?

Sweetened iced coffee with soy

Favorite Disney princess?
Ariel, red heads unite!

Where do you like to shop?
Nordstrom Rack, you can never find too many good bargains.

What is the best part about weddings?
Being surrounded by friends and family coming together to watch love blossom into a part of a tradition that brings us all together. I love feeling the pure joy in the air at a wedding, it's addictive and always makes me feel centered in my roots.

What would we find on your desk?
Disneyland knick knacks, my clippy binder, a few framed photos and unicorn buttons and my ever changing water bottle, I own about 15.

Secret talent?  
I learn song lyrics really fast, especially annoying ads and I have a photographic memory. I once took a break from social work to teach ballroom dancing and helped couples learn their first dance routines.